Trump’s Dirtiest Tricks to Stay in Power

Since you spend much of your news gathering in the Mainstream Marxist Media, you probably have the impression that Trump has done nothing in his presidency other than make people collapse in fits. This was an answer to a Quora question: ‘What tricks do you expect Trump to pull to stay in office another term’.

To stay in office for another term, Trump has already pulled the dirtiest ‘trick’ of all: The SOB kept most of his campaign promises — even the outrageous ones!This SOB (“Son of a Billionaire”) had the gall to move our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem—keeping the campaign promises of the last several presidents.

Trump renegotiated rotten trade deals between our major trading partners: NAFTA is out, and the new USMCA is practically done. USMCA.Trump negotiated a deal with Japan and Korea (U.S. and South Korea Agree Auto Trade Deal) and he just finished phase one of a deal with China where China will buy an additional $200,000,000,000 from the U.S., including three times what they previously bought from our farmers. It also includes many fair trade policies that China has never done before.

Trump lowered taxes for almost everyone, especially for corporations—which was a major campaign promise—Making American Corporations Competitive Again! He lowered our corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%—matching the current average of the European Union! Click for European Union Corporate Tax RateThe tax cuts caused investment and Jobs to flow back to the U.S. — This is nothing new, JFK and Reagan both did it — And as the Democrat party moves Left, many suggest JFK would have switched parties by now just like Reagan and Trump did!

JFK’s televised speech to the nation on Aug 13, 1962 makes clear that he could easily be credited as the father of Reaganomics. And just as JFK, Trump, and Reagan predicted, lower taxes caused lower unemployment. 50-year low of only 3.5 percent! Employment Situation Summary (labor statistics). We currently have the largest labor force in our history—as JFK, Reagan, and Trump predicted, lower taxes created a larger tax base, and we are already generating more tax revenue. In just one year, the Trump tax cuts increased revenue by $133,000,000,000 more / fiscal year 2019 compared to 2018 (Oct 1 through Sept 30).

See Joint Statement on Budget Results for Fiscal Year 2019Trump’s economy liberated Two million families from the Food Stamp Program in fiscal year 2019 alone, saving over $11,000,000,000. See Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)It caused real wages to go up roughly 5% annually as low unemployment forced employers to compete for labor. See Local Area Personal Income: 2018 and Real Disposable Personal Income Rises.

In fact, statistics show that the largest increases in wages are among people with lower incomes. From a Union perspective, the best indicator of a strong economy is the number of workers willing to flex ‘union muscles’ on strike—GM just finished one of the largest strikes in Oct 2019 (costing over $1 Billion). Typically, only government unions strike in a bad economy. The number of workers on strike hits the highest since the 1980s.

Trump’s policies encouraged enough investor confidence that the stock market has gone up significantly even during a trade war, which is usually a big downer for stocks. If you have a 401-K, IRA, or mutual funds invested in the stock market (and 60% of Americans’ pensions do), the DOW is up over 45% since Trump’s election.

Stock Market Results: Early Trump vs. Early ObamaNote that ABC, CNN, NBC, MSNBC and many others predicted a crash if Trump were elected, but the opposite occurred: Wall Street welcomes Trump with a bang: Dow soars 257 points, nears lifetime highTrump rebuilt our depleted military with well over $2 Trillion in spending over the last 3 years. Now Trump is pressuring allies in NATO to keep their commitments—to spend 2% of their annual GDP on their own military, to lighten our burden. Now we are selling them military equipment. See Europe’s defense spending nears $300 billion as experts say Trump’s pressure is paying offWhy is the military so important?

Trump shares the views of most Democrats and Republicans, as best articulated in JFK’s inaugural address regarding those “who would make themselves our adversary” and said, “We dare not tempt them with weakness. For only when our arms are sufficient beyond doubt can we be certain beyond doubt that they will never be employed.” Similar but more articulate than Reagan’s “peace through strength” doctrine, JFK was there first.

Trump donated his presidential salary to the USA: Trump feels ‘very good’ about donating 2nd-quarter salary to Surgeon General’s Office by CNN.Trump donated his profits from foreign dignitaries, royal families, and governments to avoid even the appearance of impropriety: Trump Org donates nearly $200k to cover foreign profits last year, up from previous year. And he laid out how profits from foreign governments would be identified and calculated. Trump Org Pamphlet Foreign Profits.pdf from House Oversight Committee.

Trump got rid of costly burdensome regulations—so businesses could thrive easier and make better products that people actually want.How does this help you? Your crappy dishwasher is a prime example of absurd unnecessary environmental regulations run amok. If you’re like me, you wash dishes by hand before or after using the dishwasher, and you use a lot of hot water, which inherently makes up for any alleged energy or water efficiency! Opinion | Make Dishwashers That Clean Again by WSJ.

If you were around in the 1980s, you probably remember dishwashers cleaning dishes the first time, no matter how dirty or crusty they were. And it only took an hour or less—including drying time. See Your Dishwasher Takes Too Long and It’s the Government’s Fault. Here’s the SolutionOn a personal note, I have six kids, a sick wife on bed rest, and no time to waste rewashing dishes that the damn $1,100-dishwasher can’t handle. You can’t really call it conservation when you have to waste three times as much hot water washing dishes by hand just so your dishwasher can dry them.

Cleaning’s already a bitch and we don’t need the government in our dishwasher (or our toilets or showers, for that matter). These “environmental regulations” don’t really save water or energy; they are just damn inconvenient. Trump should be reelected for the next 12 years just for this! (I understand he is also bringing back toilets that flush the first time!).Trump Made America Energy Independent. The U.S. Just Became a Net Oil Exporter for the First Time in 75 Years. We produce more energy than any country in the world. He also brought back clean coal, where the carbon is recaptured and stored underground. Office of Clean Coal and Carbon Management. Also see What is clean coal technology?

Trump appointed judges with an “originalist” philosophy. I’m an attorney, so these appointments are important to me. You may ask, what’s all the fuss about and why do Democrats say “the sky is falling” when talking about his appointments? There’s a big difference between the Trump and Obama judicial appointments, and Trump already appointed 187 judges, including two Supreme Court justices and 50 Appeals Court judges.

Obama’s appointments basically believe in a ‘living Constitution’, which basically means they will interpret the U.S. Constitution however needed to get the desired social outcome; the meaning of the words are easily adaptable. Trump’s Originalist judges interpret the Constitution with the meaning intended during the era when it was written or amended. And if you want to change the meaning, then you must amend it—And it’s supposed to be difficult, so people have consistency and fair warning when a change is coming.

Put another way, Trump’s conservative judges are “True Liberals” because they are conserving the liberal traditions of our Founding Fathers. That’s what it means to be a Conservative in the USA! How important is it? Look how hard the Leftist Democrats fought to kill Justice Kavanagh’s appointment. If you want to know just how unjustified the Democrats were in their crazy attack against him, I wrote this article you can comment on: Eric Earley’s answer to The re-emergence of the Kavanaugh controversy could hurt Democrats’ Senate chances in 2020. Is it true? It also shows why the “evidence” was not creditable.

Trump is now building the wall and Mexico actually will pay for it! Mexico boasts migration crackdown ahead of talks on US tariff threat. Trump threatened tariffs, which would have easily paid for the wall several times over every year. So Mexico jumped at the opportunity to make a human Wall of soldiers to slow the migration until the Wall is built. ‘Doing the U.S.’ dirty work’: Mexico defends deployment of 15,000 troops to shared border.

Note: Republicans feel that the Wall is a humanitarian answer to the estimated 20,000 migrants kidnapped annually and the six in ten migrant women and girls raped on the journey; See Most Dangerous Journey: What Migrants Face When They Try to Cross the Border by Amnesty International.Literally 1000’s of dead migrants have been found in the desert: Death in the desert: The dangerous trek between Mexico and Arizona

This Humanitarian Wall will easily be paid for by the increased revenue from the requirements of the USMCA, which Mexico has already signed, and which will reduce our $72,000,000,000 trade deficit sufficiently to easily cover the cost of the Wall. Nearly 100 Miles of new Wall has already been built where the old fence was literally falling apart, allowing people to simply walk through.Trump is draining the swamp and fighting corruption, including the quid-pro-quos that politicians, like Biden and his son, enrich themselves with: That’s a real dirty trick—deprive politicians of their main livelihood. They won’t take that sitting down, they impeached him for it!’Well, Son of a Bitch’:

Ukraine Scandal Is About Biden This article quotes Biden and shows the video where Biden publicly bragged about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired in exchange for a Billion dollars! The prosecutor had just raided the president of the Ukrainian energy company that Biden’s son worked for. Biden’s son was actually receiving over $83k monthly for board meetings that he never attended. He does not speak Ukrainian, but Obama had appointed his dad to be the pointman for Ukrainian decisions. There is so much smoke there that it is incredulous to not suspect bribery: At a minimum, the conflict of interest is the most extreme that I’ve ever seen.

In the end, Trump’s dirtiest trick for staying in power is simply keeping his promises: Admittedly, this is really outrageous for a politician to do! In fact, I have to agree with my Democrat friends on one issue, President Trump obviously lacks the moral character of most of his predecessors: But that’s a reason for re-electing him, not impeaching him.

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